Do you have the longing to really explore the great outdoors by being out in nature for days at a time?   Backpacking can give you a wilderness experience like no other – the struggle of muscle against mountain and the reward of a beautiful vista or a cold creek on the feet can’t be matched.  You need to have the knowledge gear to do it safely though, and that’s where we can help.  We can work with you to select trails and make all the necessary logistical arrangements.  We can also provide some of the best trail food you’ve ever experienced. 
Whether it’s a weekend trip to North Georgia or a week long trek through the Smokies, we can custom design a trip to meet your needs and budget.  Pathway’s guides are certified Wilderness First Responders with extensive experience for your peace of mind when you are miles or days away from any road.

Up to you!  Here are a few of the places we’ve enjoyed backpacking…

~ The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN/NC

~ Cohutta Wilderness, GA
~ Linville Gorge, NC  
~ The Appalachian Trail

In the southeast you can backpack year-round, but most folks will want to focus on a moderate time of the year like the fall or spring.  The summer will be hot, but everyone’s out of school, so it lends itself to longer trips.  The winter will be cold and require more gear and experience, but there’s nothing like digging out a place in the snow to set your stove! 

Group Size
We’ll take from one to 10 people backpacking on a single trip.  Depending on the destination there may be limits already set.  In the Smoky Mountains, for example, you can only get a back country permit for 8 at a time.   

What to expect
~ A safe, positive, and encouraging environment to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits.
~ Guides who are experienced & professional, friendly & helpful, willing & able.
~ Instruction in proper gear and use, wilderness living techniques, and safety guidelines for backpacking.
~ To carry your own weight, be fully involved in all aspects of the trip, to see a lot and to be immersed in nature.
~ Backpacking requires a very specific set of gear and list of things to pack.  We’ll work with you to see what you have, compared to what you need and go from there.

Contact Pathways to design your trip and figure out your costs.  Costs depend on where you go, how long you will be there, what kind of gear you need provided, if we’re in charge of food or not, etc.

What to bring
Once we’ve gotten initial logistics of your trip figured out we’ll provide a complete recommended equipment list for you to use with your group.

Participant Waiver

Book your Backpacking Trip
Let us know who you are, give us your contact info, fill us in on what your requested dates are and any other details you have about your group.



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