Caving is an excellent activity for the adventurous and curious individual any time of the year. Cave temperatures in the Southeast remain around 55 degrees Fahrenheit year round. On a trip with Pathways you will feel like a true explorer in an undeveloped, “wild” cave. We use caves that are suitable for beginners, meaning that many of the main passages are tall enough to walk through, with some narrow corridors and shallow ceilings. These caves also contain much smaller passages branching off and curving back around to the main corridor, so those who have the desire to explore can experience crawling and wiggling through some tight places. The caves are safe for beginners and groups, providing an authentic and beautiful introduction to the life and landscape of the subterranean world. 

We frequent caves in Trenton, Georgia and Lafayette, Georgia.  We'll work with your group to figure out which cave will be best suited for your experience.

It's never too cold or too rainy to explore a cave - the climate underground is always cool and damp.  Caving can also be done as an evening activity since we’re not dependent upon daylight anyway.

Group Size
We’ll take no more than 10 people in the cave at a time.  If the group consists primarily of minors (18 years old or younger) than we also require that 2 of the 10 participants be an adult.  If you have more than 10 people, plan on doing multiple trips into the cave.

What to expect
~ A safe, positive, and encouraging environment to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits.
~ Guides who are experienced & professional, friendly & helpful, willing & able.
~ Spend 3 - 4 hours inside the cave – this is awesome, strenuous and tiring!  You will travel in many ways: walking, crawling, climbing, scooting, sliding and at times wriggling. 
~ You WILL get muddy and possibly wet. 
~ Discuss cave formations (stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws, calcium flows, streams, etc.) and cave life (bats, salamanders, etc.)
~ Discuss and use appropriate "leave no trace" etiquette to protect the fragile cave environment.   
~ Pathways provides Helmets, Petzl Zoom Headlamps and a light stick in case of emergency.  Your guides will also carry in a first aid kit, a rope, and a pee bottle. 
~ Every Participant is required to carry in their own gear in and to wear the right clothing into the cave. (see caving gear list)
~ Pathways reserves the right to only take in participants who have met these gear requirements.
~ Additional Information

A Note To Other Cavers
We understand that many in the caving community frown on group guiding.  Because of that we'd like to go on record and say that we understand and respect the very fragile environments that exist beneath our feet. For that reason, we've established solid guidelines for our cave trips in order to do our part to protect those environments. First, we only use caves that are widely know to be "sacrificial" caves, that is, those caves that over the years, have already been used, abused, cleaned up, and that continue to see quite a bit of traffic. Secondly, we do not list directions to the caves we use to prevent people from going on their own. Thirdly, as a matter of policy, all participants are required to wear helmets with headlights and specific clothing, along with carrying in back-up light sources and other emergency supplies, and are given strict instruction on what can and cannot be done while inside the cave. Fourthly, we practice and teach a sound Leave No Trace Ethic, usually leaving the caves cleaner than when we entered them. Fifthly, we have limits on the number of people in the group, age limits, and time limits. And sixthly, we do not venture into the arena of vertical caving at all. Cave rescues take massive amounts of time, resources and manpower, so we do due diligence to make sure that we will not need to be rescued.

If you’re doing Pettijohn’s, you can camp there at
Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Area (link to page on Rocktown) for free.  DNR manages the area and there are only a couple designated sites so read the signs.  There are NO facilities, so bring your own water in and make your own restrooms!

Another great place for you to go is
Cloudland Canyon State Park.  They have all kinds of lodging options.

$300 – for up to 10 people for a standard trip
If multiple trips are needed for one group during an event, additional trips are $150 each
If the caving trip is secondary to a day of climbing, the cost is $150 per trip

What to bring
Caving Equipment List
Participant Waiver

Book your Caving Trip
Let us know who you are, give us your contact info, fill us in on what your requested dates are and any other details you have about your group.



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