Pathways offers top-roping programs that focus on the skills and unique experience of climbing outdoors on real rock. We offer trips to Rocktown & Sandrock, with convenient camping nearby. Participants will learn necessary safety skills for an outdoor environment, along with terminology, climbing movement, useful knots, and belay techniques. Pathways trips are fun and engaging, providing a unique and exciting challenge for individuals of all skill levels.  No experience is needed – just a willing and adventurous attitude.

Our most often visited rock climbing spots are:
Rocktown in the Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Area
Sandrock, Alabama

Generally, climbing is the most fun during weather that is comfortable for outside activity.  The Fall and Spring are the best times here in the southeast because temperatures are more moderate.  The Summer is great – but be prepared to be hot and to bring lots of water to drink!  The Winter is not as much fun – if your fingers feel frozen they won’t do you much good while you’re trying to climb cold rock.   

Group size
We’ll take anywhere from one to 40 people climbing.  The larger the group, the more notice we’ll need.  If you’re looking for a small group instruction-based opportunity (setting top rope anchors, instruction on traditional or sport lead climbing, etc.) then contact us about rates and topics.

What to expect
~ A positive, encouraging environment to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits.
~ Guides who are experienced & professional, friendly & helpful, willing & able.
~ Instruction in knots, harnesses, communication, belaying and climbing movement
~ Top-roping on 3-6 climbs, ranging from beginner to intermediate
~ Belaying by guides and instruction of belaying if participants are interested
~ We provide Harnesses, Helmets, Ropes, Belay devices & Anchoring equipment
~ You provide your own water, food and appropriate weather gear and something to hike that stuff in with.  (Note the mile-long approach trail at Rocktown!)
~ Wear clothing appropriate for the weather, and shoes that are good for walking.  You are advised to avoid short shorts – the longer the inseam, the more comfortable you’ll be in a harness!  We don’t provide climbing shoes, so we encourage you to wear tennis shoes or hiking shoes that aren’t too clunky.       

There is free camping at Sandrock and Rocktown.  There are NOT facilities at either site.  So you’ll have to bring your own water in and make your own restrooms.  DNR manages the sites at Rocktown, and there are only a couple designated areas, so read the signs.    

Sandrock is first come, first camp, and there are some awesome sites, but it is also a favorite party spot for many locals – be ready for what comes with that and watch your step in the dark – the cliff edges will sneak up on you!

$300.00 for a full day of rock climbing
(maximum of 10 people)
$20 per person over the initial 10

What to bring
Climbing Equipment list
Participant Waiver


Book your Climbing Trip
Let us know who you are, give us your contact info, fill us in on what your requested dates are and any other details you have about your group.



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