Sandrock (a.k.a. Little Rock City or Cherokee Rock Village) is located in northeastern Alabama, near the southern end of 80 mile long Lookout Mountain, just north of the town of Leesburg. (The next largest town is Centre, or Gadsen). The rock formations sit atop Shinbone ridge overlooking the town of Leesburg and man-made Lake Weiss. Sandrock is about 20 miles northeast of Gadsen, Alabama, 1.5 hours west of Atlanta, Georgia, and about an hour southwest of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Sandrock has something to offer for anyone from beginner to expert. Approaches are short and easy, the climbing is typified by large jugs and horns on friendly sandstone, with pitches averaging 30 - 60 ft. in length.  The area is comprised of huge islands of gray featured sandstone with a maze of canyons, passages, and caverns between them, and some beautifully uncharacteristic rock formations.

From North of Atlanta

~ go North on I-75,
~ intersect SR 41 north at exit #118.
~ Follow it north past Cartersville, detouring onto Highway 411 (SR 20) west, passing by Rome, Georgia, on your way into Alabama. 

~ now follow directions from 411 West…

From south of Atlanta
~ take I-20 (SR 402) west at exit #92.
~ Connect to 278 (SR 6), and follow it through Rockmart to Cedartown.
~ From Cedartown, take either SR 100 or Highway 27 (SR 1) north until you intersect with Highway 411 West.
~ Passing through Cedartown to find SR 100 can be confusing as it is poorly marked; follow 278 into town, turn left at the church, then right at the next traffic light to stay on 278.
~ SR 100 is to be found as you leave the industrial area on the outskirts of town. The road will fork - you can take the fork to the right, or continue a little further looking for the next road to the right (there will be an overpass to the left). Travel a short distance up the road to confirm you are on course with a SR 100 road sign.

~ now follow directions from 411 West…

Once on 411 West
~ follow it across Georgia and into Alabama.
~ Things get pretty sparse once your out of the Atlanta area, so if you need to get supplies or a motel room, you'd better not wait too long. Once you're into Alabama, follow 411 through Centre to Leesburg.
~ Turn right on Highway 68 West. You'll drive 2.7 miles up a long hill (gas station/store on right halfway). There will be a few ramshackle shops on the right atop the hill, just after the colorful "Welcome to Sandrock" sign.
~ Look for a hard left turn onto County Road #36 and continue 1.5 miles.
~ Watch for the sign on the left pointing to Cherokee Rock Village.
~ Turn left on an indistinct narrow asphalt road with a barbed wire fence on both sides. (you may think it’s some farmers driveway). This paved road winds uphill, and soon turns to dirt/gravel. Power lines and a large tower will be evident on the right.
~ Turn right at the end of this road and continue uphill along the ridge top until the road ends at a small parking lot.
~ You have arrived. You can camp where ever you find a spot in the woods. The rocks / deep canyons / cliffs will be on your left as you drive up the gravel road, be careful if you choose to camp on that side - don't walk off a cliff in the dark!

Map/Get Directions

Camping options
If you’d rather not camp at Sandrock, there are a couple State Parks within a relatively short drive:

~ Lake Guntersville State Park

~ DeSoto Resort State Park
~ James H. (Sloppy) Floyd State Park



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