Team Building

If you have a group than there is potential for team building!  Whether the group is an actual team (like a sports team), a youth group, a family, a church staff, a scout troop or a gathering of co-workers, you name it, they would enjoy and benefit from a teambuilding experience with Pathways!  We will work with your group to decide on goals for the timeframe and then we’ll build a program to suit those needs.  The program we develop for your group can be very physical or not – we can use initiatives that require lots of physical challenges or focus on more mental and emotional exercises.  It all depends on what you are hoping to accomplish with your team.     

You can come to us or we can bring the program to you – it can be indoors or outdoors, we can come to your facility or meet you where ever your group is gathered.  There is no limit to how these experiences can be worked into an event you already have planned.  

Teambuilding can be done any time of year.  It can be an hour long experience, a half-day or could be spread out over several days. 

Group size
We can work with groups from 5 to 40 – although a group of 8 will have a much different experience than a group of 33.  Most teambuilding activities are ideally designed for a group from 6-15.  Depending on your goals, we might split a larger group into multiple smaller groups for better facilitation options.  This will involve additional facilitators and additional cost.  We’ll decide together what will be best for your group and budget.     

What to expect
~ A safe, positive, and encouraging environment to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits.
~ Facilitators who are experienced & professional, friendly & helpful, willing & able.
~ Challenges that work with any limitations the group has while purposefully encouraging growth and opportunity to learn.
~ Typical teambuilding topics include: communication skills, faith and trust issues, goal setting, managing strengths and weaknesses, diversity and unity, leadership styles, etc.
~ Initiative problem solving that includes both physical and mental challenges, based upon group needs.
~ A dynamic experience that changes and develops as the group learns and grows together.   

Contact Pathways to design your team building experience and figure out your costs.  Costs depend on how many participants and facilitators are needed, where we set up the program, how long the program will last, and how much prep and clean up work is involved.

What to bring
We’ll provide all needed equipment, you should be casually dressed, with closed-toed shoes, and could bring weather gear if we’ll be outside.
Participant Waiver

Book your Teambuilding Experience
Let us know who you are, give us your contact info, fill us in on what your requested dates are and any other details you have about your group.



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