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When Tina & Eric decided to make Pathways an official venture, they knew they needed to come up with a name.  Sitting in a tent off the parking lot of Tennessee Wall, years before they moved north to Ringgold from Atlanta, they decided on Pathways.  That’s what they wanted to create – a pathway for people to discover the wonder of the outdoors through adventure activities.  What would happen if they introduced their passions of climbing, caving and backpacking to people in a safe, empowering experience? 
Pathways would be created...

Pathways that take people upward (climbing), pathways that move people inward (caving), & pathways that guide people outward (back packing). 
It's more than that, too.                           They are pathways upward as we connect to our God, inward as we learn more about our selves, and outward as we share what we've learned with others.

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